The Infertility Myth

The Infertility Myth. 

There is no greater longing than that of a couple who have been trying to conceive a child and yet have had no success. It is often at this delicate point that I meet most of the couples I have helped. I would encourage you, if you have not already done so, to read their words and learn from their shared experience. While the journey may not at times be easy, a path can be found and hope should be held tight in the heart. In the many cases, I have seen that has been the resounding lesson I have been taught – there is a reason and if there is a reason there is often a solution that shall bear fruit.

On this website, I will share with you those solutions. I will show all the different paths that can be taken to pregnancy and to delivering a happy and healthy child, and I will teach you to see clearly where you are starting from and which path my best suit you, and I will walk with you and lead you to that journey’s end.

At times the path will be clear and straight, easy to see ahead. At other times it may have unexpected turns that obscure your view. I will show you how to see the hidden signposts your doctors and therapists may have missed and provide you with a clear map to help you through.

And let me start this journey of Project Fertility by clearing up one thing right now – infertility is a myth.

In all my years doing this, I have rarely seen a couple of childbearing age who have all their reproductive organs intact who were not capable of having a child!

Currently, for many the focus of Western medicine is the classification and treatment of disease. And that, surprisingly, is a far cry from a complete understanding of health. Nowhere is this truer than in the field of reproductive health and well-being. The Western medical model views the reproductive organs as simple mechanical parts; a reproductive engine, with pumps, fluids, transmission and other moving parts. Should any of these parts wear, or if any of the fluids run dry, the doctor mechanic can take a hammer to the engine block, change the oil and hopefully get it started. For some engines, they are told they are beyond repair and should be scrapped. That the machine is broken and beyond repair.

But you are NOT a machine. You are not a simple piece of reproductive equipment to be dissected and classified according to parts and function. You are a person, and you are above all not broken.

The Infertility Myth

You are not broken, or infertile, just simply imbalanced. And one this site I will explain each of these imbalances and their solutions. Now though I want you to know you are not being punished. This is not something that is your fault.

I would like to show you a different view point. One that is many thousands of years old, now scientifically validated and has helped countless couples to conceive where other methods have failed.

The Eastern view of medicine teaches us to live in harmony with nature and our surroundings, in order that we may be fruitful and productive. The principles upon which Traditional Chinese Medicine and my method are based are designed to guide us to flow with the stream, not desperately paddle against it. Our goal here is to work with nature to fulfill its natural and normal path – to reproduce. As such this a slower, gentler path of enhancement and support as often in stark contrast to the Western model of forcing and demanding a result. Sadly, given the statistics of that model, it doesn’t work out very well and often causes more harm than good.

The way I often explain this to my patients is through carpentry. Let’s say you have a square wooden table. And you’d like a round one. The conventional western model often approaches this request with direct immediate and forceful action – they get out a chainsaw and carve a rough circle shape into your wooden table. Along the way, the take off one of the four legs…and you’re left with a jagged, rough edge splintered kind of circular table. It’s not pretty…I’m not sure how well it works as a table with three imbalanced legs…but it only took 20 minutes.

Eastern medicine, by contrast, looks at the square table. They look at it from every angle. Then the take a small square of fine sandpaper and slowly rub along a corner. They then step back, look again and choose a different angle…and they repeat this process, slowly and carefully assessing the table at every stage…it takes longer, perhaps a few days….but in the end you have a polished, harmonious and balanced perfectly circular table, smooth edged and sturdy.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of the immediacy and practicality of Western medicine in many situations and am please to say I count many Western Medical doctors as friends and colleagues and frequently liaise with many GP’s and consultants on a range of matters, including fertility in regards to support IVF, IUI etc and my busy private practice is in part built on the referrals of Ireland’s top ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) Centres and their doctors, who know of my reputation to dramatically enhance their success rates (increased rate of conception by 70%+, reduced risk of miscarriage up to 91%).

Western Diagnostics and technology is awesome. From the marvels of micro-surgery, and to the complexity of brain surgery, the detailed knowledge of the bodies working is breathtaking.  But in that minute focus, the person is often overlooked as is the rest of the human body. In the rush to take immediate action, often required in dire circumstances – the corners of the table get cut all too often.

Eastern medicine sees the body as a whole, a balanced harmony, a symphony, and if one instrument is not in the same rhythm or unturned then the composition of health is thrown off. Within the context of reproductive medicine, this is never truer. All too often the western model rushes to recommend invasive techniques, strong drugs that produce unpleasant side effects and force your body to do in a few weeks what it would naturally do in several months. In doing so, vital details are often overlooked, are left unaccounted and thus accumulate leading to disappointment and the rush to try again.

However, if we stop and take the time to correct each imbalance systematically, logically and with the utmost of care and consideration not just for the goal of having a happy and healthy child, but of the people going through this process then the results are far greater and often occur without any unpleasant side effects or delays from hasty treatments.

Simply correct the imbalances and the body will do what it’s meant to. Get pregnant.

And I’m going to show you how to do this. 🙂